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System with 2 sensor briefs

Research has indicated that a bedwetting alarm system with different sounds has a positive influence on helping your child’s bedwetting treatment. 
This beneficial set contains a bedwetting alarm system and 2 white uni-sex  of sensor briefs.

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Changing the tone sounds increases the sensitivity to wake up from the alarm system, and after a certain period of time, wake up from a full bladder. This will help free your child from their bedwetting problems as soon as possible. The accompanying Rodger sensor briefs have a modern design in beautiful colours, which makes them look like regular underwear. Therefore, it is not visible that your child is wearing special sensor briefs.

The Rodger bedwetting alarm system consists of a transmitter and receiver. The receiver can be put in an electrical outlet, but can also be used with 2x AAA batteries. The bedwetting alarm system transmitter can easily be attached to the bedwetting sensor briefs by means of two press studs. The stitching of the briefs contain copper sensor wires. The way the wires are located vary per briefs, depending on gender. Upon contact with moisture, the sensors send a signal to the bedwetting alarm system, which then in turn alarms and awakens the child. There is a choice of 8 different alarm sounds. The volume is adjustable in different levels.

The sensor briefs are regular fit. If your child is in between sizes, we recommend taking the larger size.
Before use, the briefs should be washed at 60 degrees to remove the coating from the sensor wires. This ensures optimal urine detection.

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